Export of ships and other floating units

Most of our specialists have marine education as well as experience of work for foreign economic enterprises and are ready to offer a full set of services on contracting and export delivery of products of Russian shipbuilding manufacturers.

Shipbuilding and supervision over construction

Our own experience and cumulative business ties and contacts both with leading plants and the enterprises of the Russian industry, and with reputable world shipbuilders is a guarantee of successful realization of the most different projects in sphere of sea and river transport, fishery activity, and also in the field of offshore oil-and-gas projects.

We shall help you in specifying the design bureaues which can be involved in development of the contract technical specifications, and in accordance with the worked out contract design JSC “Sudoimpex” shall be ready on a contractual basis to undertake all works and services in complex, namely:

- carry out the marketing analysis of the shipbuilding enterprises, capable to construct the vessels and other floating crafts according to the contract design;

- carry out technical negotiations and receipt offers from the shipbuilding enterprises under contract cost;

- arrange consideration of the contract design and working construction documentation by supervising bodies;

- prepare together with the Customer of the shipbuilding contract, technical specification and maker’s list;

- arrange and carry out negotiations to agree contract conditions with the shipbuilding enterprise;

- coordinate works between the design bureau and shipbuilding yard during realization of the contract (contracts);

- participate in negotiations together with representatives of the customer regarding the choice and prices for the ship’s equipment;

- assistance in settlement of organizational and technical questions under the contract that may arise at the shipbuilding enterprise;

- carry on operational management and control over the quality and entire procedure of construction involving the competent and independentsurveyors;

- participate in acceptance of mooring and sea trials, as well as in preparation for signing the Delivery and Acceptance Protocol (Act) on vessels (floating crafts).

In coordination with the Customer we are ready to decide other questions connected with realization of your project.

Spare parts and equipment

The saved up ties and contracts as well as availability of qualified personnel allows JSC «Sudoimpex» to successfully execute export-import transactions on deliveries both ship’s equipment and other equipment and spare parts for vessels that are under construction, repairing and being operated, including export of products to maintain the deliveries which have been carried out under contracts of the foreign trade associations of the former USSR, including:

- deliveries of the mechanical equipment and spares;

- deliveries of ship electrical equipment and spares;

- deliveries of ship radio electronics;

We carry out full transport and customs support of cargoes, both in territory of Russia, and outside of Russian Federation. Cooperation with “Sudoimpex” company guarantees operational capability of your vessels and equipment and as consequence your profit as a result of their operation. Thus our main task is quality and rapidity in combination with conditions being the most favourable for our partners.

Port constructions and coastal infrastructure

One of directions of our activity is rendering export services in construction and modernizations of port constructions, shipbuilding and shiprepair factories, construction of stationary and mobile water-desalinating installations and other objects of coastal infrastructure. For duly and proper performance of the projects JSC “Sudoimpex” establishes consortia with the largest Russian State and Private Enterprises as well as with foreign partners for implementation of:

- complex designing of sea and river ports, shiprepair and shipbuilding yards, hydraulic engineering constructions, water-desalinating plants;

- exploration, research, design and normative works;

- supplies and installation of the complete processing and manufacturing equipment of Russian and foreign manufacturers.


JSC «Sudoimpex» proposes a complex of services on transport (including marine) and insurance survey. The services offered include the tally of cargo, control of weighing the goods, completeness of unloading, visual survey of containers and other transport boxes, presence and current status of seals, marks and layings, control of transportation conditions, as well as the control over carrying out of fumigation of dry cargoes and temperature control during transportation frozen cargoes.

Thus marine survey can include inspection of a vessel and cargoes, before shipment inspection, the discharge control, inspection of ship’s holds and coastal storage conditions, consideration and settlement of damage and claims.

Insurance survey to be provided by insurance companies includes quick arrival of our surveyors to a place of incident, analysis of circumstances, evaluation of damages and issuing of the objective unprejudiced conclusion about results of survey.

JSC “Sudoimpex” has a network of agents in such large seaports and industrial hubs of Russia and adjoining countries, as Vladivostok, Novosibirsk, Alma-Ata, Tashkent, Novorossisk, Odessa, Orel, St.-Petersburg, Tallinn, Klaipeda, Kaliningrad. In the areas which are not covered by the network of agents, and also in case of inspecting complicated situations, the company immediately sends its experienced surveyor to a place where inspection to be carried out.